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Volcanic Pepperbox ★★★★★
Volcanic Pepperbox-Equipped
Equipment-Volcanic Pepperbox Stats
  • Slight chance of causing Moderate Fire
  • Level 5+: Charge Time Reduction: Low
  • Level 10: Charge Time Reduction: Medium

Description Edit

When encamped in dangerous territory, the Volcanic Pepperbox is perfect for roasting both marshmallows and enemies.

Attacks Edit

Basic Attack Edit

A spread of six bullets, can be done once in a single combo, with a chance of inflicting fire. The Knight will not be able to move while firing.

Charge Attack Edit

A zig-zag spread of fifteen large bullets with a chance of inflicting fire. The Knight will not be able to move while firing.

Damage Edit

The following damage values represent the weapon at its completed level, without any UV or bonus from other equipment, and listed as the damage dealt on the first and last floor of each stratum.
Similarly, fire damage is listed as the damage done per "tick" against the strongest 1 monster on the first floor and the weakest monster on the last floor of each stratum.

Damage values are identical to the neutral damage of Plague Needle.

Volcanic Pepperbox's Damage Table
Stratum 1 Stratum 2 Stratum 3 Stratum 4 Stratum 5 Stratum 6
Each Bullet (x6) 8 10-12 18-21 22-23 33-43 46-49
All Six Hit 48 60-72 108-126 132-138 198-258 276-294
Charge: Each Bullet (x15) 17-14 18-22 37-41 42-44 71-98 104-107
Charge: All Fifteen Hit 255-210 270-330 555-615 630-660 1065-1470 1560-1605
Fire (x4) 4 - 13? 10 - 23? 14 - 38? 24 - 56?  ? - ?  ? - ?

Vendors Edit

Vendors that sell this item:

  • Basil (Recipe) in Clockworks and in Mission lobby of The Great Escape (8-2)
  • Daxen (Recipe)

Recipe Edit

Name Amount
Red Shard Red Shard 20
Scrap Metal Scrap Metal 5
Iron Gear Iron Gear 4
Phial of Phear Phial of Phear 3
Warp Dust Warp Dust 1
Blaze Pepper Blaze Pepper 1
Flame Soul Flame Soul 1
[[File:{{{mat8}}}.png|text-top|18px|link={{{mat8}}}]] [[{{{mat8}}}]] {{{mat8amount}}}
Eternal Orb of Alchemy Eternal Orb of Alchemy 3
Crest of Ur 5-star Material 2
Fiery Pepperbox Fiery Pepperbox (Heat Level 10)
Fiery Pepperbox Fiery Pepperbox {{{specialamount}}}

Alchemy Path Edit

Volcanic Pepperbox's alchemy path
☆☆☆☆☆ ★☆☆☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★★


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Fiery Pepperbox

Volcanic Pepperbox
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