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The Blue Spirit is believed to be a magical being in the world of Spiral Knights. When angry, He does mysterious things that involve cursing knights. When happy, the Blue Spirit does amazing things, including gifting people with expensive pleasures!

He is called the Blue Spirit for his appearance. A mysterious magician hooded person, his eyes glowing the color of blue. His name is unknown to most people, but some people say that his name starts with the letter J.

He travels from world to world, seeking his next victims to grant with pleasures or sorrow. He is believed to have a few magical abilities which he can use in Spiral Knights. No one knows what those abilities are, but some people say he has the power of tempting people (whatever that means). Few people also say he can bless people with magic (giving them a few magical abilities)!

People have reported that the blue spirit talks about a place called the Sacred Garden. No one knows what it is or where it is, but people believe its magical. He is also known to take care of all the Snipes in Spiral Knights, with his friend. No one exactly knows his friends name, but some believe it is something with Ladybug.

This page is a result of fan-based lore and has no confirmation what-so-ever.