Swordmaster's GuideEdit

(Taken from Spiral BuInt Cradle Intel and Training 5th edition)

A Swordmaster is one who specializes in aggressive hand to hand combat. Often referred to as "Strikers", these knights are known for having a special kind of crazy as they have relatively little protection. It should be noted that Cobalt Knights are not Strikers even if they use swords as primary weapon.


Strikers are combatants who blitz the enemy, weakening and destroying foes before the slower/weaker members of the squad arrive. As a Striker, primary duties often include:

  • Removing enemy healers
  • Disabling turrets
  • Scouting ahead

Because Strikers rely on speed, they have very little protective armor that enhances attack power and lessen chance of freeze. It is highly recommended that new Strikers obtain a Skelly Shield as soon as possible. Once obtainable, Strikers should equip Striker Class shields, which further enhance attack.

Because of the perilous nature of the post, Strikers have the highest turnover rating of 83%. Most of that is death. (Ironically, Strikers make up less than 15% of the Spiral Army and suffer, numarically speaking, the lowest number of losses.) Compared to that, the next highest turnover is Desna's Recon Rangers losing 57%, most of that to injury or shell shock.

Strikers should always target healers first before moving to other support creatures and turrets. Preventing said creatures from reaching Gunners and Bombers if Shieldbearers are unavailable is their secondary duty.


Cobalt Knights are those who have not chosen a speciality. Numarically speaking, they make up over 70% of the Spiral Army, having the lowest turnover of 9% despite the fact that more Cobalts are severely wounded or killed than any other branch. The first assault on the Jelly Palace resulted in the highest casualty rating of 20%, costing about 10,000 Cobalts their heath and lives.

Cobalts have often been looked down upon by specialists as "grunts", a fitting, if demeaning name. They have also been refered to as "Coball Fodder, Balty Fools", and some unprintables that are found in reports in section 3 of....Cobalts as Swordmasters are dangerous on their own, but thier balance makes them weak against stronger/faster monsters. As time has gone on here on Cradle, Cobalts have been researched to doing most of the gruntwork such as guard duty. Operating in groups make Cobalts a deadly threat to the enemy.....

(The following has been taken from Striker's Guide, 2nd Edition)

Welcome to the Strikers. If you are reading this, then you have chosen to join our ranks as.....The prerequisites for becoming a Striker is:

  • Obtaining Squire rank and
  • Passing Cobalt Training

Strikers are one of the newest classification of knights, being culled from the remnants of the Shadow Rangers(the black ops branch of Spiral Rangers) which suffered the greatest losses during the battle which resulted in the Skylark's drive failure and blind jump leading to the crash on Cradle. We are, by nature, swordsmen as the silence of the blade is much prefered to guns and bombs....When starting out, you are encouraged to obtain the Skelly Shield from the Darkness Defender until you have recieved clearance for our Grade 3 shield. Our weapons are meant for hit and fade tactics that were used by Shadow Rangers....Because of the nature of the Clockworks, it has become almost necessary to equip a gun or bomb as a sidearm.