• Burrowed Spikes 16px
  • Bite 16px
  • Thrown Spikes 16px
  • Invulnerable unless stunned
Weak to
  • 16px Piercing damage (while stunned)
Resistant to
  • 16px Elemental damage (while stunned)

The Snarbolax is a beast boss that inhabits the Gloaming Wildwoods (see also: Mission 3-2 Shadow of the Beast). It appears as a shadowy mass of fangs and claws, and it is normally immune to attacks.

Monstrous ProfileEdit

Said to be a massive beast draped in living shadows, this dark predator enjoys toying with its prey before delivering the final blow. It is advised that only Knights who have mastered Tier 1 take on this formidable beast as those who have entered unprepared have never returned!When facing this Mission at certain times the Snarbolax will run past you somtimes stuning you



The Snarbolax in its normal state, where it is immune to all damage.

Monster-Snarbolax stunned

The Snarbolax while stunned.

Like all Beasts, the Snarbolax is weak to Piercing and resistant to Elemental attacks. At the start of the battle, it will burrow underground, emerge at one of the four corners of the room, and then either perform a ranged attack or approach the player for a bite combo (similar to that of an Alpha Wolver). In this state, the Snarbolax is immune to all attacks and status effects, including Stun Vials.

When the Snarbolax is on the surface, there is a brief opportunity to push or lure it towards the Beast Bell in the center of the room. By hitting the bell while the Snarbolax is near it, the Snarbolax will be stunned and vulnerable to damage for a few seconds, during which its coat is brown and its eyes glow yellow. It is at this time that the entire team should inflict as much damage upon it as possible before the Snarbolax returns to normal. However, if given enough time, it will still attempt an attack, as Stun has the same effect on Snarbolax as it does on knights. Repeat this process until the Snarbolax is dead.

The following information has been collected about status effects:

  • Status effect vials (including stun vials) do not appear to have any effect on the Snarbolax while it is invulnerable.
  • The Snarbolax may be set on fire while stunned, but stops taking fire damage once it again becomes invulnerable.
  • The Snarbolax can be cursed while stunned. It is currently unknown if it takes damage from attacking while stunned and cursed.
  • The Snarbolax can be frozen while stunned. It remains frozen even if it again becomes invulnerable. It is currently unknown if it takes damage from the freeze expiring in either state.


Have party members stand in opposing corners of the room, ready to push the Snarbolax to the middle when it appears (shield bumping is the easiest method). One person should be waiting at the Beast Bell. Once the Snarbolax is near, the center player should hit the bell to stun it. Everyone should attack it simultaneously until it returns into its shadowy state. You could try pushing it into a wall, so knockbacks won't cause your allies to miss their attacks.

Another tactic would be to drop a Graviton Vortex or Electron Vortex near the bell. It will pull the Snarbolax into the vortex and within range of the bell, allowing players to stun it easily and quickly without needing to shield bump. It's even possible to place the bomb close enough to the bell to ring it as soon as it goes off, making the process of pummeling the shadowy ball of fur even easier.

Another more simple tactic is to have every member of the party stay close to the bell while keeping shielded, and assign one member of the party to ring it when the Snarbolax is close enough (namely after it begins using its biting attack, luring it towards the bell). When it's stunned, every member of the party should then begin attacking it until it recovers.

A fourth tactic is to shoot the bell when the Snarbolax approaches it. This lowers the chances of the Snarbolax biting you since you do not need to be near the bell to ring it. It is recommended you turn off auto-aim if you are attempting to do this since otherwise you will lock on to the Snarbolax instead of the bell.


Video: Spiral Knights - Snarbolax


  • A Recon Module can be obtained in front of the lift right after killing the Snarbolax.
  • The Snarbolax's health varies by the number of players in the party. Under some circumstances, it can be easier solo than in a group.
  • There is a bug which sometimes causes the Snarbolax to not react to the Beast Bell. This bug can sometimes be solved by throwing a Vial at it.


  • The Snarbolax was released on June 2nd, 2011 in a Tier 1 update.
  • The Snarbolax makes many threatening and predictable appearances in the levels leading up to its lair. In some appearances, it charges at a location that the player is predicted to be, such as a party button as it is activated, and stuns any unlucky player without their shield up.
    • In the maps leading up to his lair, the appearances the Snarbolax makes are timed; so entering the rooms at a slower rate will often result in the Snarbolax attacking before players are even nearby, causing him to miss.
  • The Snarbolax is affectionately known as "Snarby" to the creators and the Spiral Knights fan base, and is sometimes referred to as "Snorlax" because of their similar names.
  • A Beastly Limerick Competition to herald the arrival of the Snarbolax was held by fans in June 2011.
  • The Snarbolax (and some of the related items and achievements) contain references to "Jabberwocky" (a poem found in Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There")
    • The achievement for defeating the Snarbolax is called "O Frabjous Day!" (a phrase used in the poem).
    • The tokens are called Frumious Fangs (the word "frumious" is used in the poem).
    • The Snarbolax shares several features of the Jabberwocky (the monster in the poem):
      • They have "jaws that bite".
      • They have "eyes of flame".
      • They live in "the tulgey wood".
  • The Snarbolax is a fan favorite

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