Event hub

The Event Hub(names removed).

The Event Hub is an interface pane that displays the recent activity of a knight's friends and guildmates. It can be accessed by clicking the button between the Social pane button and the Spiral Uplink button. By default, it can also be accessed by pressing F7.


The first of the four categories within this pane is "Events", which displays current events which can be joined immediately. This category always shows up on top. Parties that are restricted, locked, full, or otherwise unavailable will not show up here. Additionally, the details of the party or mission will be displayed, including depth and gate name for non-mission parties, and depth, mission name and mission rank for mission parties.

  • Joinable parties that friends or guildmates are in
  • Missions that have not been completed yet
  • Prompts to join Blast Network or Lockdown


The second is "Today", which is also always available. It shows a variety of chronologically ordered mildly uncommon events, along with how long ago they occurred:

  • Achievement unlocks
  • Boss defeats
  • Accepted guild invites
  • Guild promotions
  • Rank increases
  • Tier clearances

It also shows "high score boards" for various measurable quantities, such as crowns gained in the last week. When hovered over, the top ten scores from friends and guildmates are shown, along with one's own score. Typically, one of each of these will always be available, unless all friends' and guildmates' scores are 0. The times associated with these high score boards indicate when the current first place player reached first place. High score boards include:

  • "Coliseum Champion", number of Blast Network games played in the past 7 days
  • "Coliseum Champion", number of Lockdown games played in the past 7 days
  • "Crown King", number of crowns gained in the past 7 days
  • "Level Leader", number of levels cleared in the past 7 days
  • "Most Prestigious", amount of prestige gained in the past 7 days

When a large number of guildmates and/or friends are being measured onto a high score board, values will often be reported incorrectly, and even guildmates will see different values, barring friend lists.

If applicable, two more categories can show up in the Event Hub: "This Week" and "Last Week." They function identically to "Today," only under a different timeframe.