The icon used for crowns.

A crown is the basic unit of money used throughout Cradle. Crowns can be obtained during adventuring (drops), as rewards for winning PVP matches, and via trading or selling. The number of crowns a knight has is displayed on the upper right side of the HUD, just under the minimap.

Uses of Crowns Edit


Crowns are used to make purchases and pay for services.

Used for purchasing:

To pay fees for:

Finding Crowns Edit

Crowns can be found scattered throughout the Clockworks, either loose or hidden inside treasure boxes or monsters. Knights can collect crowns by walking over or near them. If there is more than one knight in a party, every knight will receive the same number of crowns collected.

Note: Crowns will despawn in 120 seconds if not picked up.

There are five different denominations of crowns:

Icon Name Description
Crown Copper
Copper Crown A copper crown will grant 1 crown to each member of the party.
Crown Copper Silver
Copper-Silver Crown A copper-silver crown will grant 5 crowns to each member of the party.
Crown Silver
Silver Crown A silver crown will grant 10 crowns to each member of the party.
Crown Silver Gold
Silver-Gold Crown A silver-gold crown will grant 25 crowns to each member of the party.
Crown Gold
Gold Crown A gold crown will grant 50 crowns to each member of the party.

Earning Crowns Edit

As crowns are passed from player to player, converted into energy or used for fees as part of the Spiral Knights economy, players can earn crowns through a number of methods.

Selling and Trading Edit

Crowns can be earned from selling goods such as unbound items and crystal energy. Items from a knight's arsenal can be sold at the Auction House, to vendors or traded directly with other players.

Energy can be traded in lots of 100CE via the Energy Depot for a fee, or traded directly with other knights.

Knights can also earns crowns for the minerals they collect during their adventures through the Clockworks. The Birdsong Mining Company is willing to pay knights for minerals deposited into dormant gates, thereby contributing to the creation of new gates. This results in a small payout of crowns, usually two to three crowns per mineral, although the range is anywhere from 0cr (for gates with a surplus of that mineral) to 5cr (for new gates).

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